Why do Republican Voter Love being Lied to?

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  1. Should make a very interesting PhD thesis in Psychiatry.

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  2. I'm beginning to wonder if the average Fuck Turd republican imbecile is able to read.

    I think not. Another Bush failure. It seems to me his "No child Left Behind program" did leave behind all the right turd maggots.
  3. for same reason all people who love governments love to be lied to, including democrat voters

    this is true everywhere else in the world too, people just love false promises, they want someone to come and tell them that everything is gonna be just perfect in the near future, voters are pathetic
  4. You need faith, brother ... not brains.
    Stop reading lies and the leftist media; tune in to your fellow brothers... they love you, they love the US and they are gayful patriots.
    It's not indoctrination as long as you don't feel any lasting negative effects, right? See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

    [size=-3]A 101 Feel-Good message brought to you by the Ministry of Love, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Truth and Xanax. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Room_101[/size]
  5. kut2k2


    I believe that book has already been written: Conservatives without Conscience by John Dean.
  6. Wow,
    I was unaware of this organization...
    But Andrew C. McCarthy was on "Beyond the Politics" on CNNI saturday night.

    That organization is just off the charts... hehe, what a bunch of wackos. I mean... on last Friday, Jonah Goldberg was on Larry King... and he is intimate with the GPS Think Tank neo-con program hosted by as well as the National Review. He is a really stark anti-European, like many orthodox Jews are... and I he is a neo-con at heart, and frequently support various supremacist and elitist views on colonization and censorship, meritocracy etc. The guy is a despicable fucker in my view...
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_J._Wattenberg (neo-con host of GPS Think tank - and Goldberg and him worked together at the AEI)

    There are so many wacko ideologists at AEI - American Enterprise Institute... it is beyond fathoming. Why are taxpayer money wasted on crazy fuckers like this who come up with the most radical aggressive ideas and policies possible? They reverberate special interests and hatred against mortal enemies - like the Israeli plight in the Middle East. It is just so fucked up...

    Goldberg criticizes totalitarian socialism - but at the same time he is touting totalitarian police states and being authoritarian with his neo-con support. That is just like Bertram Myron Gross warned of in his 1980 book "Friendly Fascism"...

    The parallels to the neo-cons and Ingsoc are totally frightening - but then the founders and influencers of neo-cons are former Trotskyists who later became strongly anti-Communists - like Irving Kristol and James Burnham.

    The ideas of "all out global war" were especially strong from Burnham in his column in the National Review called "Third World War".
    The very ideas of James Burnham were the inspiration for George Orwell's "1984" masterpiece...
    So - if anyone haven't gotten my little jokes about Ingsoc and Room 101 by now... well, then you'll never get it.


    Another "crazy US organization"...

    What - are neoconservatives the only conservatives that CNN can try and pass on as "conservatives"?
    Gimme a break - these guys are seriously aggressive radical elitist crazy-munching ideologists...
    Their ideas are some of the most extreme far-right there is... they are for total police state and removing any civil rights, as well as pre-emptively attacking anyone - AND waging a global war of ideas against media and the Internet. They hide behind names as "Defense of Democracies" - but instead they are about destroying nations so that they can rebuild them to fit their ideas.

    I find it ... I don't know...
    Seriously, there is something so weird and mind-boggling about the US mass media right now. I doubt anyone who feeds off purely US news can be objective - because it's all so out of whack with the rest of the world. It is crazy, just total loonie-bin crazy...

    The state of US politics is truly depressing - and the fact that people are not even aware that the "1984" police state was inspired by the very ideas of those who have been in power for the last presidency... well, now we see that Ingsoc is possible, and Bush and the neo-cons proved it... total madness and domestic suppression as well as outwards oppression --- just crazy and saddening stuff.
  7. Least in the old days when banksters lost money they jumped outta tall buildings,,now they all got golden parachutes and float softly to there awaiting choppers n zoom offshore with there loot.
  8. Why don't Americans know more about them?
  9. The politics forum should be named from now on the political conspiracy theorist's forum. The only people who truly think the other side of the political spectrum is absolutley nuts are nuts themselves.
  10. NeoRio1,

    what do you know about the history and foundations of Neo-conservatism? I have read a LOT of their articles, books and transcripts from shows... I have been looking at their organizing and how their ideas are taken into practical terms.

    What do YOU know about Neo-conservatism?
    It is not a "conspiracy theory" - it is pointing out a systemic bias that they are supporting, sometimes directly creating... as well as looking at the Neo-conservative movement itself.

    I was a bit upset at them yesterday when I wrote that former post, but the facts remain --- James Burnham was the main inspiration for George Orwell's book "1984"... and we have seen so many civil liberties diminished by the suppression from Neo-conservatives during the last presidency. It leaves no doubts that they are strongly authoritarian, and their cries for strong policing and pre-emptive actions go all along with their totalitarian control, alignment to their ideology for the rest of the world. At the core of their ideology is this belief in the "universally absolute truth" that they are responsible in "taking the lead", because only their policies actually work according to them. They argue that containment is a failed attitude and points to the terror attacks as proof - while the whole problem lies in the systemic corruption and imbalances - the strongly polarizing of nations and groups by the aggressive attitudes of projecting beliefs onto others and ripping them off in the process.

    If you read the PNAC statement of principles, as well as the articles by Neo-conservatives on www.aei.org and elsewhere - National Review, Commentary or their books... then you will start getting an insight into who they are and how they think, as well as how they are connected.

    Now, you can try and subvert their professional and social networks as "not related" to their ideologies or influences --- but then you are really kidding yourself and being more than modestly ignorant.

    My anger yesterday was partly because CNN chose to use the most extreme right-wing ideology out there as representing "conservatives" when we know for a fact that this is not really all mainstream conservative concerns - but rather a misrepresentation of conservativism by authoritarian extremist political radicalism. They were supposedly providing "balanced" discussions with Democrats and Republicans... but that was just so false...
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