Why do people wear sunglasses indoor?

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  1. I notice on occasion you will see some wanker wearing sunglasses indoor. Why is that, I noticed women especially do this with big dark tinted bug eyed large sunglasses.

    Is it to conceal drug use?
  2. As I recall the invisible man use to wear them indoors.:D
  3. Once indoors, they become fashion shades, not sunglasses


  4. Because Billy Gibbons does ...man! :cool: :cool:
  5. nitro


  6. Billy is probably the Kewlest person alive on planet Earth.
  7. And that tone he gets ...squank ...squank ...whistle! Love it.
  8. Could be that they are trying to avoid seeing to much of the surrounding ugliness.
  9. maybe its just :cool:
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