Why do people use Volume, Range and Tic charts?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fearless9, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. I have noticed that people reference to odd (strange) sized tic charts.

    17, 55, 89, 317, 610 to name a few.

    They obviously know something that I dont know and I would be interested to read the reasoning behind these carefully selected bar sizes.
  2. I came up with the 317 tick chart through testing to get my "speed of signal" in the range I wanted. For my choice it had to do with the overall running average time per bar intra-day, in context of the speed or frequency of the "volume breakdown" MD indicator I use.

    I guess you could say it was developed from trial and error, until I found a tick level that was consistently perfect for me to "read" signals from.
  3. Some people use fib numbers in the misguided belief that there is some hidden order to the trading universe. Others do it to fit a certain amount of data onto screen real estate or to smooth out price display.
  4. A 380 tick chart is good too........ 19.5 X 19.5 = 380.25 (380 is good enough :) ).

    Also the 330 tick chart (33.0 X 10.0 = 330).

    Don't ask me why 19.5 and 33 are VERY significant numbers. :cool:

  5. You are drowning me in detail 5P.

    If you are refering to ES ( which is the only instrument that I know), the tic bar is going to be more relevant to the time of day than some magic set of numbers.

    At 09.31, you could not tell a 317 from a 330 tic bar.
  6. Don't worry about the details........I was just having some fun with that post. :D
  7. nkhoi

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    1) because others use it, 2) we try to front running the guy using regular chart :D
  8. 2) Agreed. But then you would expect to see numbers like 291, not 317.
  9. No...317 worked and 291 did not. :)
  10. Tick chart settings I have used (use) and/or know of:


    They all work.
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