Why Do People Trade when the Failure Rate is So High?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stockgirl, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. If +90% of people fail at trading then why would anyone risk trading any type of investment vehicle when the odds are stacked against the average retail investor?

    Also, should retail investors be allowed to trade stocks without some type of certification or training?
  2. low entry barrier, infomercials and brokers promisin' riches...naivety to think it is easy money.
  3. jho


    No education and big $$$ signs show up in their eyes when they realized they could have easily picked GOOG or TASR. Piece of cake...
  4. Crucis


    Mostly, failing to learn from their mistakes and/or running out of money before they do finally learn how to trade. :p

  5. I think it's because the -%10 do pretty well for themselves, and create the illusion of a lifestyle that we'd all like.

  6. The belief that youre smarter/faster/better educated/more persistent/XXX than everyone else
  7. Same reason LA and NYC are flooded with actors.
  8. Dustin


    Failure rate for restaurants is just as bad but people do that right?
  9. Imagine


    it has the "POTENTIAL" to replace a high salary of someone employeed in the corporate world that is looking to get out
  10. Why do people start any business when 90% fail? At least there is no "franchise" fee, long term leases, or employees to deal with.

    No "promises of big money" from me...only the above mentioned "low barrier to entry" - and where else can you borrow a $million every day for free.

    I'm sure glad that Bob and I got involved back in the 1970's (on the trader side of the business). Entrepreneurship is still viable in the world.


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