Why do people succumb to temptation?

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    Are human beings destined to fail? I don't think so but when you see people of great fame, whether in sports, entertainment or in business, fall from grace, it's hard to come to grips whether humans as whole, can resist temptations. If people whom we think are admirable and not necessary role models, fail, what does that say for mankind if any at all?


    Rick Pitino
    Tiger Woods
    Ben Rothlesberger
    Elliott Spitzer
    Michael Vick
    Matt Lauer
    Jon and Kate
    And now possible Brett Favre

    to name a few...

    What is wrong with us humans?
  2. Why do people succumb to temptation?

    Temporary shift in priorities. Sometimes reversible sometimes not.


    Fork in the road OR temporary shift in priorities?
  3. I don't know I think most people are just selfish and do what they can get away with. When opportunity comes they do it. I call people like that grand abusers. Their whole aim in life is to get into a position of abuse that is why they are famous in the first place. Why else would someone spend so much time devoted to doing something so pointless like kicking a ball or singing a song. It is because they want attention and the things it brings with it. The whole reason they do it and get famous is specifically to abuse people. They want the opportunity to cheat so they create it.

    Famous people are the worst people to be roll models because they have a selfish personality, same with politicians and to some extent religious leaders. It's all grand abuse of some kind. Getting into a position of power is purely about being able to abuse if it wasn't the world wouldn't be so messed up.
  4. boredom?
  5. I seriously doubt rich famous people get bored.
  6. Alan Dershowitz wrote a short simple book "Letters to a Young Laywer" he offers advice on various topics. One chapter covers this very subject and to resist temptations of power and money and compromised ethics and morals. We may all start out with good intentions but who we surround ourselves with has a big influence esp as we gradually learn the system.

    Sometimes I wonder if genius and exceptional talent just comes at a price of "defect" somewhere along the way.