why do people recommend covered calls.

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  1. Well really why buy the stock and then write calls, two transactions

    when just selling the puts and having the cash put away only uses 1 transaction and is really the same thing as a covered call.
  2. Because they haven't taken the time to think it through like you have. There is a misconception that cc's are "safe" and writing puts is risky.
  3. there are reasons.

    Suppose you are invested in some stocks (long term). Possibly vested stocks from 401k..
    The market goes down. You are planning to hold them for a while, but need revenue in.
    Sell a call. It's like putting a limit order that you get paid for, for putting it.
  4. I gave up stock altogether last year - short or long. Too risky.

    It's much easier controlling risk with pure option trading.
  5. I understand that part, if you already have the stock it makes sense.

    But brokers will not let you sell cash secured puts on a IRA account unless you have a margin account which makes no sense. if you have the cash to cover the purchase why have a margin account when it is not required for covered calls.
  6. A lot of people actually want to own the stock. Selling the call is just a kicker.
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    There are situations where one might own the stock and sell the covered call at a later date.

    The "cash put away" is psychological. Interest earned is imbedded in the options.

    As for commissions, it could even be one transaction (short put expires) versus three (stock, call, and either exercise or sell stock).
  8. Sounds to me like you just figured that out and wanted to tell the world you did. There are all kinds of reasons for having the stock in your portfolio.
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    when your investment goes against you and you decide to collect some premium on the position. i have been long TBT for a while and its not going up so I have been selling calls against it for almost just as long
  10. Find a better broker, TOS for example will let you sell cash secured puts all day long in an IRA.
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