Why do people post their trading results here

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  1. Just an idle thought before the bell.

    I wonder what motivates people to post their results or any other confidential material relating to income here on ET in full public view.

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    in many cases to help/inspire other traders.....it is only personal info if you give out personal data....a P&l has not one personal piece of info in it. You should give it a try, I'd love to see your numbers....

    for example, 1Reason has been a great inspiration to me. Dealing with a nice hit and rolling with the punches is very inspiring.


  3. The info is attached to your IP

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    but it is not attached your account number/ social security/ bank account/ bedroom web cam

    posting anything on the web is attached to your IP...

    anyways thats the reason i think most of them do it...to help others...peace
  5. Actually, that's not true.

    There's several cases here at ET where someone made a mistake and posted the confidential information via forgetting to blacken it out when they posted their broker profit/loss statement.

    All it takes is one time to make a mistake and some jerk here at ET now has info that you most likely don't even share with your personal friends.

    That's why I believe that if someone is going to post or show their profit/loss numbers...

    Probably best to do it elsewhere in a more secure location where you know whom is accessing the information in comparison to posting it here at ET itself.

    As to inspiration to others...

    I don't buy into that unless the trader is also explaining some of the trades or the methodology behind the trades.

    Thus, statements without an explanation is pure ego only.

    By the way, be careful about your webcam...

    Make sure it's off when your done talking to your buddies because there's many true stories on the internet about what others see when someone forgets their webcam is still on.
    :eek: :p :D

  6. After trading on the floor for many years the notion of anonymity associated with p/l is a bit novel to me. Pretty much everyone in the pit has some idea of your income and your blow out days...Clerks and trade checkers would "leak" numbers etc. There were size locals who cleared themselves just to limit the number of support personnel who could see their p/l.

    I look at this way-we can all access the salary of every pro-athlete, corporate execs, in many places even public school teachers-I don't look upon my p/l as some top secret figure.....
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    your IP address has ur account info?? wow, first I hear of that.....a MISTAKE??? cmon

    following a guy who gets knocked down and pulls back up with p&l's to back it up is much more inspiring than any chart and explanation.....and posting HUGE down days is far from stroking ones EGO....

    you see I've been here for a longs time....and I've seen people talk a big game and sound fucking good doing it...we all know who they are....but never showing the walk....yeah numbers can be fudged or bogus...but in some cases I believe many are genuine and sincere...we know who they are.....peace
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    Alex of puretick posted his number because he wanted people to call him. Mr_Black posted his Ninja trades so that others who learn the same method can see where were the entries.
  9. I didn't say anything about IP address.

    I'm talking about someone posting a statment online while making the mistake of NOT BLACKING out their social security number, account number and other confidential information.

    It's happen a few times here at ET alone and the trader panicked while trying to find a moderator to delete the message past. :cool:

    I'm also talking about a few unlucky folks forgetting they've left on their webcam. :eek:

    Once again, I'm not talking about IP address.

    Also, your fooling yourself if you think someone can be inspire while using a different method, trading a different trading instrument in comparison to someone that posted great numbers without you knowing how they specifically did it...

    No inspiration other than a clap from a stranger to say job well done.

    Thus, it's just an ego thing.

    However, if you knew specifically what the guy was doing to achieve those results...

    That's when the statement can be empowering...

    Without it...it's just someone yelling to come measure his dick and unfortunately some will get down on their knees to do such (stroking that ego). :eek:

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    Not if you use non-IP forwarding proxy/proxies.
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