why do people make fun of member's only jackets?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by GregoryG, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. GregoryG


    i dont get it.
    whats funny?

    the name?

    or what?
  2. Maybe the whole loser marketing idea of "members only". They seem like they are trying to sell something unique, but the reality they have what every other clothing company has, just a different loser name. LOL
  3. Do you realize that it's not 1985 anymore?

    I don't recall hearing anyone say anything, good or bad, about that brand in ages.

  4. GregoryG


    I know. I havent heard people making fun of that until i saw:


    so, why?

    or why in 1985?
  5. Illum


    They are very cool. People are just jealous, wear it with pride.
  6. I have a MO leather jacket in great condition from years ago.

    The same folks who make fun of MO are piercing their tounges, and tatooing their nuts. Nothing funny about that , is there.

  7. jem


    Picture this....

    Most jackets were clothe instead of leather but styled as a leather.
    Right off the bat it made you think the guy could not buy the jacket he really wanted.

    Then you would see a whole bunch vinny barbarino types from say new rochelle wearing their members only jacket to upscale place in greenwich or say bobby valentines in stamford.

    The guys would walk in with their members only and their strong cologne and wonder why the women would not talk to them.

    Pretty soon they became a punch line.
  8. jem


    that is high comedy.
  9. Now they don;t have to worry about that, the women in those places usually get right to it, no talking required. Win..Win.