Why do people love/hate Texas so much?

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    Like the title says,what is the deal with people either loving the state or hating it? It seems as though there is no middle ground. I live in the seattle,wa. area and people here think it sucks-but when asked if they have been there the answer seems to always be "no." I myself have not visited,so remain neutral on the state.
  2. Summers in Texas a long, hot and muggy. Hurricanes on the coast. Winters can be cold. The people are klannish necks to a great extent. The only reasonable town is Austin, and they suffer from the weather like every other place. George Bush lives there and was governor there. The Texas politics is a good old boy system.

    I suggest you spend some time in Dallas and Houston in the summer and find out how "nice" it is...

  3. They have very passionate football fans, but UT's coach Mack Brown is a freaking unscrupulous "whiner" that will stoop pretty low to lobby for BCS votes, as we all saw back in 2004.
  4. Mack Brown is a low life cry baby...

  5. Nothing comes out of Texas 'cept for steers and queers.

    Heard that line in a movie. :D
  6. How do you get to Texas (from Seattle), follow the smell of shit south, then go east until you step in it. Directions to Mexico - just follow the smell of shit south (that is where it came from).
  7. The summer when I was 15 we had something like 75 straight days over 100 degrees. Combined with 80-90% relative humidity....made it complete hell on earth. Old people and babies were dying like it was a European summer.

    Oh BTW: Mack Brown is whinny little bitch.
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  9. ====================
    Lots of land, not so much rain, generally;
    but that is not a prediction.

    Thay say everything is bigger in TX;
    enjoyed the scenery,when passing thru. Deer & antelope play there.:cool:
  10. The stars at night
    Are big and bright
    Deep in the heart of Texas
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