why do people laugh when I mention day trading?

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  1. I hate it when people ask "what do you do for a living/work/etc" and i say

    " I day trade..."

    Why do many roll their eyes,;augh and say "oh that's risky. Why don't you get aproper job?" Some simply giggle....

    Why is it? Some of these are my friends and family as well. :-(

    Next time I am simply going to say "nothing"
  2. just say private fund manager
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  4. good one...but I think I am just going to say "nothing.." See what they say to that.
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    Yep, just say 'unemployed'. When they inevitably ask why you dont look for a job, say 'dont want one'.
  6. Commodities speculator/trader sounds a little better, even portfolio manager, anything but "Daytrader"!

    Furthermore, if by some chance you actually earn a living or are slightly profitible "daytrading", who give's a rat's ass what people think?

    You could just use my response, "I work for Vandalay Industries"!
  7. just say you took a course on how to be like the "FED" and have really learned the art of printing money so you don't have to work :D

  8. The corporate drones have drank the kool aid and see all forms of entrepreneurship as fair land tales. Tell them you are a derivatives trader and you specialize in real time hedging strategies ie you hedge against not paying your bills in real time lol. Working for the man is a bitch game and one I'm not playing. Buy a Rolex and a Zegna suit and slap them in the face when they roll their eyes.
  9. Wear an expensive watch - that shuts them up!
  10. yeah and a Porsche as well :) Good idea.

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