Why do people in USA like taxes!!!!

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  1. Seriously!
    i was born in the USA!
    Why do so many idiots in this country like and vote for more taxes!!!! Taxes only benefit the Government!!!!!!

    in cities, counties, and across the nation the new idea seems to be that taxes are good!!! this is ASSANINE!!!!!!!!!!!! and idiots are voting for them.

    i am not sure what f'ing cool aid people are drinking...or wtf is in our drinking supply, but taxes are BAD people..even if the tax does not directly affect you...there is a trickle down effect!! somehow or another you will be inadvertently negatively affected!!!

    Trading tax bad...pleasure tax bad city taxes are 7.8 % in some areas...estate taxes...bad...everything is taxed taxed taxed....and why do so many people..even here on this trading site say taxes are good....is this run by the government!!!!!
  2. how do you think you got your education? such as it is. someone else with no kids helped pay for your education through taxes.
  3. Taxes=Government=Tyranny

    The Holy Trinity of socialism.
  4. um your post speaks for itself....lol
  5. Lethn


    Please learn what socialism actually bloody is before you say something so unbelievably ignorant.
  6. Please explain socialism to me then cunt. Taking from someone against ones will is immoral. Stop being a tool for your nanny state ideology.
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    In case you didn't notice, I'm against taxes, but I take it your a neo-conservative Republican then? :p

    Because that's exactly the kind of bs logic they use.
  8. I am a neo-con, my logic dictates what is right and wrong.
  9. "People" don't like taxes, only politicians do. :D

    It's what keeps them fed. Plain and simple - if government shrinks they're out of a job.
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    Generally it's only the politicians and the people that don't pay taxes that support them.
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