Why do people hate day traders that made it

Discussion in 'Trading' started by naked1, Feb 9, 2008.

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    I gotta go real fast but there is a burning question

    when I was a noob, I looked up to day traders that made it

    why do some people hate successful people. What is envy.

    how does envy work

    how does envy benefit the envier

    is envy strictly for the dumb ????
  2. Most people do not hate, but respect the daytraders who made it. Because we all know how much work and effort is required to make it long term.

    What most people do hate are little punk kids who come to this site to talk trash and throwing out fake numbers to try impress.

    Yes i am talking about posers such as yourself. Welcome to my special list, hope you like your neighbors jreynolds212 and day7793.
  3. Speakimg for myself, after all these years (I am retired and trade for fun now), I never feel I have "made it". I always feel like I am ready to prove it over again, every day that I trade. Of course after a while I do have a lot of good days to think back on, so that helps.

    People don't "hate" good day traders, primarily because they know so few. Good day traders don't mix it up with the public. On the west coast, the schedule just doesn't permit it. That means that those who do talk it up are probably wannabees. Don't believe me, fine, check out the P&L thread. Do you see many (any) of those names posting on this thread?....right, thought so..
  4. lol, yes why is that!

    Even after years of trading and heaven knows how many trades, every day I wonder how I can get away with it again today.

    As for the naked1's question, it's bragging little pissants like you who give genuinely profitable daytraders a bad name with threads like this one here
  5. I don't think people hate those who made it; instead, they hate people whose method of coping with their own inadequacies and insecurities is to seek abuse on Elite.

    If the previous sentence didn't make much sense to you from a logical progression standpoint... as in "how did you get from him being insecure to him seeking abuse," that's because the OP's psychology doesn't make sense to those who aren't sick the way he is.

    More is going on here then a phony waving his dick. A phony is waving his dick infront of a large paper cutter because he wants to punish himself for being a phony.

    Gotta love human psychology.
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    hes begging for a ban. why not give it to him ?
  7. Uh huh...

    I just got home myself, and I recall that you were claiming earlier tonight that you were leaving at about 10 p.m. EST

    But the time stamp on the post in this thread is 11:30 p.m. EST. And you're still rushing out the door?

    Know what I think? I think

    1. You had nowhere to go tonight. You have few if any friends.

    2. You never placed a real money trade in your life.

    3. You suck at math (evidence here would be your calculation of how much posting I do at ET - suggesting I spend all my time here when my average since 2002 is 1.6 posts per day).

    4. You do this at other websites (that is, start threads making outrageous claims and then take pleasure in fending off the inevitable attacks).

    Does anyone else notice that there are more and more masochists on here lately?
  8. I'm not sure that you're right about there being more and more masochists; I think the masochists who were already here before are just registering more and more accounts and posting at an increasing pace because what was a previously satisfactory level of abuse is now no longer capable of distracting them from their depression.
  9. lol... interesting theory and you may well be right about that. What did these people do before the internet?
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    please guys pray for me so that I may get well :)
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