Why do people frown upon goldbugs?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Debaser82, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. I would think the title and the meaning of the topic is selfexplaining.


  2. coz they are a bit sick in the head or come across as such
  3. Oh, yeah, we're stupid. I have gold I bought at $248. When it goes to $2000, who will be laughing?
  4. Why just 2000? Why not 30000? Hell, 100k an ounce seems fair right?
  5. People don't dislike "goldbugs."

    The media dislikes them because the media is heavily influenced by the central bankers.

    Central bankers hate gold so they label those who prefer "honest money," at least as a hedge, as derisively as possible.

    I've met some gold BULLS. Never a gold bug.

    Gold bugs do not exist in my book.

  6. Remember prices take the stairs up, and the window down :D
  7. Gold bug propaganda in 1984: "Long gold stocks, best bet for the next 25 years"


    Gold bug propaganda in 1984: "Go long gold stocks and short the USD, the USD will become worthless and gold mines become the new currency mints"