Why Do People Buy Negative Earning Stocks?

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  1. Why do individual investors buy negative earnings stocks (if they do buy them)?
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    I buy them for instance when company sells for half of its book value. Here is an example: if company loses $10M/quarter and owns 10 buildings for $1b each. You can buy it for $5b, right?
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    So they can buy them cheap, and sell them even cheaper.
  5. a company may be developing a product that will bring $$ down the road while burning cash at present. biotech stocks are a good example of this type.

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    That's a really great question!

    If you are trading intraday or very short term, then the answer is obvious: because they are going up.

    But it's a really good question with regard to folks who buy this crap and hang on to it.

    I'm sure you will get all sorts of rationalizations from folks who buy these stocks and hang on to them. But will those answers make any sense?

    The only answer that I can think of off hand and that would make some sense would be "inside information."

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