Why do people blab predictions?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by qdz2, Jan 15, 2003.

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    Why do people do this? Analysts do it. Newsletter writers do it. Media reporters (are they journalists?) do it. They have apparent purposes to serve. But amazingly, most investors and traders like to give their useless two-cents to others by every opportunity they get. Of course, sometimes it includes myself. Is there psychological reason behind this phenomena?

    Keep your prediction to yourself, okay!
    (I mean, let's keep our prediction to ourselves.)

  2. Do you mean predictions like the future of option buyers(doomed)? Or instead, how about just certain stocks being pinned and glued to the strike? I think I read those two here recently.
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    Due to the desire to show off thier superiority.:cool:
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    Because people can't stand uncertainty.

  5. I think that's more along the lines: 'those who know don't talk, those who talk don't know'. If you really knew something, you would keep it to yourself.
  6. Whatever you say. We live to make you happy.
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    Thanks. You and I get along. I do the same to you.


  8. arrrgh
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    Yeah, that's true, but even a smart trader know she'd better not to tell the trick, it takes an effort.
    Most of the people want the others admire them.
    I think the reason many guru of the market are teaching his way is not only for buisiness but also for mental satisfaction.:cool:
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