Why do people believe in this?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Remiraz, Jun 24, 2005.

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    This thread is not about me going nuts, since I pretty much regarded those stuff as b.s.

    if you read the first post, i wanted to know why people still believe strongly in stuff like "trend dynamics".
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    Woah, you should write a paper detailing that phenonemon. I think it'll get some recognition as the first paper to prove you can predict market move.

    Anyone who spend any amount of time in the market will know that as you tighten your stop loss the % adjusts according. win size 2, lose size 1 will adjust the % into 33% winner so u break even.
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    Not to be too mean, but I checked out Remiraz' original link, and they're selling books with grammatical errors in the title. You know it's a sign of quality when they screw up the friggin' COVER with misplaced apostrophes. I'm guessing they saved the spelinng erorrs for the inside (you have to buy their books to see those beauties).

    I guess they couldn't find an editor who would sign an NDA.
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  5. =======
    because there is a lot of truth in that law, however some may need to be studying ''since 1985'' to see that.
    Basic, man.

    This is Not an ad for thier ''$995.00 trading course'';
    especially since that info is found in librarys , much much cheaper

    You may notice while countertrends are aborted[killed ]faster;
    they resurrect frequently /regularly , also called corrections.

    As far as it being a law, sure;
    speed limits laws are enforced diffferently in different jurisdictions,
    discretion of the powers that be is envolved also.:cool:
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    I'm not surprised, a majority of people don't know correct grammar; and, many of them make way more money than some of us ... pick almost any professional athlete.
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  8. Yeah, and Florida condo flippers are making more than PHD's.

    SAys more about the world than you may want to know.
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  9. What, you expected the "real world" to be logical, fair, or make sense?
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    Shhhhhh...cumooon man...your givin it away.... let them keep looken for 60 , 70 and 80 % correct stuff....:D

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