(Why) do most traders lose?

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Why do traders lose?

  1. Undercapitalized

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  2. Trading Strategy: Entry

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  3. Trading Strategy: Exit

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  4. Psychology/Discipline

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  5. Money Management

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  1. There's only one reason sober people crash cars - they are bad drivers. And there's only one reason people crash on the markets - they are bad traders. There's a million ways to crash, but the same outcome. The more important question is what's the remedy?
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  2. Holmes


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  3. that´s not true bro. Lots of people crash because someone else is a bad driver. {think about it, bad drivers have to crash against someone... and they usually dont wait to find another bad driver}
    There´s a ton of different outcomes from crashing your car... from fixing a dent in your bumper, to taking a free ride to the morgue... or life in prision for killin innocent pedestrians... however, most of them do suck if you think about it.
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