why do many traders give seminars etc..?

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    I read it many times...

    "I made X million over X years and i am such a great trader..blah,blah."

    Buy my course, sign up for my newsltter, attend my seminar for $2,000+

    WHY do they do this? Oh yeah they always say "My passion is to teach..." So why the $2,000+ price tag then? If it's your callnig and you make sooo much money in the markets why not do it for free or give all your profits to charity?

    I mean straight away I lose a lot of repsect for these traders. Why waste your tme hawking your methods around and why show the masses how you make money? Talk about killing it.

    Good traders should trade. End of.
  2. There's always a new crop of wannabes willing to pay. You may feel differently when you have a waiting audience wanting to throw money at you.
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    ok but why reveal your "edge"? Or do they?
  4. A lot of these guys may sell you an older system they are no longer using as they have something better they are using themselves so if you want an old prob out of date system go for it. Or go to a complete Fraud like Franz to get completely ripped off
  5. Nearly all people won't have the discipline nor comfort level to trade your edge.

  6. $2,000?

    try those absorbant $4,500 range

    there was one guy calling himself brilliant, and charging over $3,650....

    he collected the monies, went off to get married and then came back and kept charging people monies....

    a friend of mine happened to call him, and he was on his vacation at the time,

    what was strange was the push he was putting on peoples just beforehand and how the price would be going up, after an arbitrary date. that date was just before his vacation or honeymoon or wedding...

    yet again, those who can't teach...
    those who don't trust their own ability to pick this trade up, pay....
  7. Even if a mentor taught you exactly what he does, unless you’re sitting there next to him duplicating his every move, and getting filled at the same price, no two trades are ever the same. There are too many instruments and time frames, everyone has their own risk tolerance and position size, everyone manages trades differently, everyone is susceptible to their own emotions… like three guys trading a news letter tip that fails on them, consider the stop loss…one guy will take the stop, the second guy will let a trade slide until he just cant take it a few days later, and the third guy will have used a smaller time frame to refine his stop to be tighter with a higher profit-to-risk potential.

    Trading is a very personal thing, place a live trade, you’ll understand… press that button for the first time, get filled, take a look at that P&L jumping around live, wonder for a moment if your computer is about to crash… watch price probe towards your stop, feel the rush, feel your heart beat, feel that sweat between your hand and the mouse, feel the impending loss growing closer, that’s bad enough, but also feel the disappointment of all the wasted time effort from all the analyzing, and scanning, and finding that play, and all the patience you took waiting for that perfect entry to set up, thinking you’ll have to do it all over again and wait patiently for another opportunity just to get that damned money back, which might not even work either... Then see it reverse and get back into the green, and feel that momentary relief, only to realize you have a whole new set of problems… as you juggle between selling and missing more profits, and holding on and maybe losing profits… most of trading is in your own head, the girly parts with all the “feelings”, seminar gurus can not help you with that, and its probably the most important part.

    I could tell you exactly what I do, and exactly how I do it… but you wouldn’t do it like I told you, guaranteed.
  8. OMG--- dude get help. this sounds like the last breath of a degenerated gambler. seriously, this is one scary diatribe above.

    man, markets destroy. major ipsych issues with money, no wonder 95% of all traders lose.

    tradign attracts the exaact people most ill suited for it. market is one nasty predator

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    good traders DO trade. i have no problem with them supplementing their income (some would call it diversifying) that way.

    it may be because they:
    -> keep themselves fresh
    -> they enjoy teaching others
    -> it's a nice income supplement.

    unfortunately, there's a fair number of teachers who are NOT good traders.

    and it's possible for someone who is not a good trader to be a good teacher; if they have a psychological block for some area (letting their winners run a lot if using 3:1 reward/risk, holding their stops, etc.) then they may not be a good trader, yet everything they say can be correct.

    same reasons as why some poker players and others teach their secrets. and in poker, the (negative) results to knowing someone's methods is much larger than in trading.

    (see greg raymer, who didn't even teach; after he won the world series, televised on espn, he said he could rarely bluff because everyone would call him down).
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    Answer is folloving -

    Great fortune is rare 1-2 time in life
    (and only by 1 operator from 10000)
    After that

    1. limit risk - limit reward

    2. Make teaching -diversification of the risk
    + new clients with money for funds



    Your respectfully
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