Why do liberals hate women?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Is it because these woman threaten their littleness and don't obey them?

    Every day I read some new story about Bill Maher attacking Palin. It seems it's all this guy can do.

    Olbermann is right there with him and is also attacking Coulter for a little extra credit.

    I thought liberals were about tolerance?
  2. So, you extrapolate that because two individual men attack two individual women then liberals hate women?

    How silly is that??:D
  3. Because it's how liberals do it.

    Care to tell us about the racist Tea Party?
  4. Chris Mathews belongs on the list.
  5. JDL


    did you ment Tea Bagers
  6. That is how liberals do it.....in your mind.

    Tea Party, racist? Really? Do you believe everything you read?
  7. pspr


    It's true. Liberals hate conservative women more than conservative men. It's like they think of them as traitors because they believe women should support liberal ideas in their pea little minds.

    But, liberals are mostly about taking from those who earn and giving to those who won't. The old "redistribution of wealth" mantra. Make everybody poor and dependent upon government.
  8. Your analysis is, once again, piss poor. (Good user name, by the way.) Liberals dislike the combination of arrogance and stupidity. Women like Palin and Bachmann are founts of arrogance and stupidity. Ergo, Liberals dislike people like Palin and Bachmann, who happen to be women. See how that works?
  9. Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, State-ism of all kinds... all are "anti" the original American spirit.

    Unfortunately, voting for somebody who will "take from another and give to you while you sit on your ass watching Dancing With The Stars"... is so damned appealing.
  10. Ah... yet if tea party activists dislike the policies of Barak Obama, it's not because they dislike socialistic forms of statecraft and government takeovers, or economically suicidal strategies... It's because he's black...

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