Why do liberals hate our wars?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thehitman, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Ultra-liberal scoremongers would prefer that we are overrun by commies and muzzies. Why do they hate our way of life so much?

    Any time patriots stand up for our soldiers, the liberals rant.

    Any time an accident of war happens, the liberals rant.

    But they forget that Iraq and Afghanistan are now much freer places, and girls can go to school there.

    If you analyze the situation, the liberals are aligned with the enemy. The liberals hate freedom.

    God bless Israel and the USA.
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    Max E.

    We should nuke Michael Moore

    God Bless Israel and the USA.
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    If Troll in Chief thehitman loves our wars, why isn't he in Iraq or Afghanistan helping to fight those wars?
  5. Too bad while (the above was used as an excuse) our attention was elsewhere the power of the state has ballooned so much that no citizen should be comfortable with where we find ourselves.
  6. Because Wars of attrition cost a lot of money.. duh.

    Wonder why Soviet Union collasped? Nixon getting rid of gold standard after Vietnam. Wars where you get nothing back in return in the end are a waste.

    Who wants to waste money on foreign wars when you take away from programs needed at home? Apparently, the GOPs don't care about the poor and less fortunate here (ask Romney). They don't care about anyone but themselves. They always want to get rid of social security, medicare, the list goes on. The GOP has now become the party of the selfish. If you feel like being a scrooge, become a GOPer. I don't how if someone like Romney has money, but the fact that he doesn't care about the poor and will lie & flip flop like no one else to get elected is pathetic. I will be voting for Obama again.

    There are people in this world who are sociopaths, they don't care about anyone but themselves. They want it to be a survival of the fittest world (mad max era). Everyone fend for themselves while only a few at the top have it all. The problem is that we live in a society, not Mad Max era. What do you do with the losers or less fortunate? I'm sure there are those on the right that say ,"let them die" just like that idiot that cheered during a health care debate in the GOP debate. Well, since we live in a society, people will revolt. There are more poor people than rich in every society. If the poor are too oppressed, they will revolt. Many examples of that throughout history. Because we live in a society, we make deals to survive. You have to appease the masses somehow in order to govern. Focusing on wars and cutting on domestic programs (schools, medicare, etc) and trying govern women's choices in regard to their bodies is all backwards.

    Keep in mind the Republican party used to be a respectable party when Reagan & Bush Sr. were around. Now, they are just embarrassing themselves. All of it is to cater to that slime ball Rupert Murdoch. I really blame Murdoch ( Faux News) for changing the political atmosphere in America. It used to be both parties worked together to get things done. Now, they toe Murdoch's line. Faux News started the political commentary to go along with News. It's not just broadcasting news but Murdoch's agenda and amazingly people who are really selfish to begin with all love it. Now MSNBC does the opposite by doing the same. Wonder why we are so divided politically as a country.
  7. You also ask yourself, how Reagan helped bring down the Soviet Union? Was there a direct engagement? No.

    There are other ways and methods of bringing about regime change other than war.