why do job postings insist on including including "salary" requirement w/resume?

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  1. "The base salary depends on experience and skill set; potential bonus depends on individual and firm performance. Please send cover letter, resume, and salary requirements (absolute must – no requirements = no consideration)."

    ------------- here is my reply

    January 20, 2010

    Human Resources,

    I would like to express my interest in the Analyst position posted on the craigslist job board. Please accept this letter and attached resume as evidence of my full commitment as a qualified and outstanding candidate for your consideration. I have a modest salary requirement of 30K/year.

    I would hope that my candidacy not be dismissed on the basis of this salary requirement. I am very sophisticated, well traveled and highly educated. Apparently if I require anymore, I am under qualified. If I state the truth that I have little to no expenses and depending on the circumstances I would be willing to work as an intern with no salary; hiring managers assume I am white trash. Its a lose-lose situation.


    I look forward to further discussing my qualifications and demonstrating how I will be the perfect fit for your company. I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to speaking with someone from your firm shortly.


    think ill get a call back?:D
  2. obv, a position like this pays 45-65K as entry level EVERYONE knows that.. if you "REQUIRE" less than said range, the hiring managers assume you are a trailer park POS. They need to realize that there is a difference between price-and VALUE, hiring someone for dirt cheap can offer the latter.

    I understand they dont want to waste there time with a laid off GS CFA/ HBS mba looking for +300K, but give ME a *&^%ing break!

    yes, im unemployed I have a savings and additional income from trading, no family or whore wife to support so all i require is transportation and lunch money untill I get the CFA designation and get shoed into a top 5 MBA program- at which point I will tell them to @*$& off!
  3. Fractal


    0% chance you'll get a call back.
  4. Has anyone actually got a job off Craigslist? Not just a trading job, any job...

    It seems it was a good service for people 8 years ago, but it seems like now people (recruiters, businesses, scams..etc) are just trolling for resumes on there.
  5. depends on the city, in some markets CL is seen a fringe service... here in SF-bay area, CL has some credibility.

    I applied for a job on Craigslist, got a call the next day, interviewed.. and saw the same posting on Monster the following day. appears HR and hiring managers may use CL first and then a pay service like Monster or recruiters
  6. "HAHA, this fool only requires 30k.. must be some state school redneck. my hooker goes for that much per night"
  7. I'm confused...aren't you the one who asked for 30K per year?
  8. I know someone that got a base salary + commission mortgage broker position off of Craiglist, but before that all they found was self employed BS, like Farmer's insurance, etc. So all in all I agree.
  9. He is talking to himself, I would not be surprised if you are The OP as well!
  10. does that mean im going crazy :p

    i can just image some fat, hairy, smelly _[insert epithet], dismissing some resume on the basis of a "low" salary requirement. ridiculous!,

    i went to a WAY overpriced private school, so I know how these ***holes think, if you didn't get excepted into the analyst/management training program at an IB out of school (like they did) you are trash! a low salary requirement to them means a low standard of living and unsophistication.

    the way I would run a PE firm is hire a bunch of SMART money hungry kids with little to no expenses with the understanding that the EXPERIENCE would be invaluable.
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