Why do I need a broker?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by pbylina, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. pbylina


    Why do I need a broker? Is there a way I can send my order straight to the exchange CME?
  2. emg


    CME is not a brokerage/clearing firm. CME is an exchange. who will clear your trades?
  3. He clearly has never heard of the number one website on earth.
  4. pbylina


    What does 'clear a trade' mean?
  5. ?....lmgtfy.com? :confused:
  6. That has to do with you knowing you'll get YOUR profit on winning trades and making sure you "make good" on YOUR losses on losing trades. :cool:
  7. rosy2


    you dont need a broker or the cme. trade on the rosy exchange and you'll be fine. PM me for details
  8. pbylina


    You dont need a broker when you want to sell something on ebay.
    #10     Dec 13, 2011