Why do I feel like the sky is falling?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ChkitOut, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Socialist liberal has good shot at taking office.

    Washington is having a regulatory field day.

    Nobody is allowed to sell short anymore

    People with no credit or job are getting part of their mortgage debt forgiven and
    paying 3% fixed on the remainder.

    Tax payers are footing the bill.

    No one is allowed to trade oil anymore.

    What the hell is going on here.

  2. Hey there, let's just take a deep breath.


    First off, not all stocks are off-limits for shorting, so that should come as good news.

    It is troubling, however, that actions are being taken on several securities to prevent shorting, and this throws a ringer in the "free market" ideal that we have come to "loosely" believe governs the markets.

    My taken on the short-selling measure by the SEC is that it was pressured by the largest financial institutions to do so to prevent erosion in their market cap.

    Heck, if anyone has the power to tell the SEC to protect their butts, it's the financial institutions.

    Best of luck, and remember to breath!

  3. dubes


    I have heard to expect the pre-borrow rule for shorting to expand to the whole market rather soon. Cox openly said he advocates it in the WSJ.
  4. That will definitely throw a ringer in the markets.

    A sad day that will be if it ever comes to that.

    Truly sad.

    Could cut my profits dramatically!

    -Hedgefund Jim
  5. Mvic


    Is that 3% fixed figure for real? Do they have to give up equity to get that? If it is for real why wouldn't everyone just buy a house and put it in to foreclosure live free for 12-18 months and then get that fixed sweetheart rate subsidized by the tax payer!