Why do government "officials" leak information?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Port1385, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. In this FNM and FRE controversy, why do government officials leak information? What do they have to gain from all this? Why doesnt Paulson just come right out and announce the next step versus this circus of leaks and speculation?
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  5. These career government guys are as power hungry as any politician. They leak stuff to try and gain leverage in some area behind the scenes.

  6. It seems odd. There was no indication of a leak before Friday in the evening. The market was not reacting in a manner that would suggest there was any leak.

    Then the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post both come out with stories. These stories were probably prepared a few days ahead of time.

    The sources appear to be a nameless "government official", a nameless former "government official" and a nameless "mortgage executive".

    The Presidential candidates and Barney Frank all spoke with Paulson and they only gave us vague discussions in their reports to the news. In fact, not one of the sources has given us any specifics and there is only rudimentary speculation.

    All this time there has been no comment from the government.

    One would think with Morgan Stanley involved in all this that there would have been some rumours or leakage before Friday.

    This is all one big game and we'll find out the end of the saga on Monday...

    I wonder what will happen to all those large institutions who have a billion or more dollars invested in the common stock...what will happen to Legg Mason?