Why Do Employers Seek ANY H-1B Worker Visas?

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  1. Why Do Employers Seek ANY H-1B Worker Visas?

    Because they can abuse them as much as they want, and the H-1Bs will just take it.

    Like I said a million times, almost all humans are replaceable, now here comes someone who is cheaper than you and doesn't complain as much as you and kisses the managers butt even after he gets fired.

    Who would you hire if you were the company owner and why?
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    I urge you to read this


    Warren Buffett takes charge
    Warren Buffett hasn't just seen the car of the future, he's sitting in the driver's seat. Why he's banking on an obscure Chinese electric car company and a CEO who - no joke - drinks his own battery fluid


    When Deng Xiaoping designated Shenzhen as China's first "special economic zone" in 1980, inviting capitalism to take root, it was a fishing village; today, it's a sprawling megacity of 12 million to 14 million people, most of them migrant workers who toil in vast factories like those run by BYD and earn about 1,300 renminbi, or $190, per month.

    Deploying the armies of laborers at BYD is an officer corps of managers and engineers who invent and design the products. Today the company employs about 10,000 engineers who have graduated from the company's training programs - some 40% of those who enter either drop out or are dismissed - and another 7,000 new college graduates are being trained. Wang says the engineers come from China's best schools. "They are the top of the top," he says. "They are very hard-working, and they can compete with anyone." BYD can afford to hire lots of them because their salaries are only about $600 to $700 a month; they also get subsidized housing in company-owned apartment complexes and low-cost meals in BYD canteens. "They're basically breathing, eating, thinking, and working at the company 24/7," says a U.S. executive who has studied BYD.

    Wang typically works until 11 p.m. or midnight, five or six days a week. "In China, people of my generation put work first and life second," says the CEO, whose wife takes responsibility for raising their two children.


    So, you have high level engineers making 1/10th what their american counterparts make, without considering healthcare costs, which the government covers.

    If BYD had their factory here, instead of having 10,000 engineers they probably could only afford to have 500-800.

    Protectionism wont work either. I don't know if there are any easy answers. I think part of the problem, is the sense of entitlement we have. Yes, we expect better standards; we don't employ 10 years olds on loom machines anymore. But, does that mean an engineer is worth 90K a year?

    Hayek -- "If you want the benefits of competition, then you have to realize that when your time comes to adapt to changing economic conditions, you have to adapt and not lobby for protection."
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    not so;
    Unix engineer Rajendrasinh Babubha Makwana, 35, was indicted (.pdf) Tuesday in federal court in Maryland on a single count of computer sabotage for allegedly writing and planting the malicious code on Oct. 24, the day he was fired from his job.
  5. Where does it say he was on an H1-B visa?
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    The last few months I don't really have any room to bitch about someone who is inconsistent, doesnt nessisarily have the best work ethic in the world (Cant spell?) etc..but I will say that in my general experience of having had both American's and Foreigners work for me, I'd much rather have the foreigners. The American's as a group feel entitled and are a cancer on your business. The Indians and Philippinos on the other hand who I have hired feel the need every single day to prove to you that you have hired the right person.
    It pains me to say this because I would much rather hire an American, I'd rather hire them at five times the cost. But, when I can get an MBA from India for $5.00 an hour that outworks anyone I've ever hired in the US, and doesnt make my business look bad to customers, then I keep doing it. I assume other business have found the same thing.

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