Why do dems wear obama t-shirts?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. I've never seen anybody wearing a bush, kerry, reagan, carter, clinton shirt..

    whats with the t-shirts, its really gay and slightly annoying.
  2. but it's all they got going for them
  3. Sam321


    It's called Obamism: the new religious faith among the spiritually disenfranchised (most of whom vote Democrat and were raised to despise Christianity.)

    Wearing T-shirts, setting up Obama shrines, or having tatoos depicting Obama looking up at the light of Truth and Enlightenment.

    They just can't get enough of their Almighty, so they must have him on them somehow.

  4. Sorry, but you guys sound like scared kids whistling while taking a short cut through the graveyard at night. Your ridicule is a poorly veiled attempt to hide your fear that Obama will carry the day in November, which I very much suspect he will.
  5. client#9


    Go to any post you have written on a thread discussing Christianity, and this post would serve as an excellent critique of your mindset. Yes. Truly spot on.

  6. Shouldn't you be praying or something?
  7. bighog

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    here is a t-shirt for McLame puppets

    Obama is about CHANGE. McLame is about the SAME
  8. I love bumper sticker campaigns. :p

    B. Hussein Obama's speeches remind me of jack hershey, all fluff no substance.
  9. Obama brings to the table the ability to think. GWB doesn't even know where the table is (although he has strong beliefs about where it should be, since God told him so). And although I like McCain for the most part, a few of his important positions are too closely aligned with those of the current Decider.

  10. Yes, I've heard all his great ideas. This is what the 'great thinker' has come up with so far..

    raise taxes and raise taxes.


    Obama would make a fantastic lawyer not so much president.
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