Why do conservatives belieave the earth is 8K years old and global warming is false?

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  1. Ok alot of conservatives dont belieave in science. Its the reason why the united states is slowly falling behind in the sciences, and a majority of grad students and phds are in the United States are from foreign countries. I think this is the primary reason why the united states if they allow conservatives to take over the country the united states will lose to countries like china.
  2. Conservatives believe in science... with a small percentage still in "fundamentalist" mode. They'll come around. BTW, you spelled "believe" wrong in the subject line.
    On the other hand, conservatives don't believe in banging underage girls and bragging about it in miscellaneous threads on the internet. Have a wonderful night!
  3. the bottom line is the core conservative value is correct, people derive the most satisfaction from their money by making the choice to do what they want with it themselves, without govenrment intervention.

    I never understood how the left could work as a trader without believeing in free market, then again i never understood how they could do anything and believe in their side, unless you are milking the side and are a beaurecrat. How do people from the left who are ACTUALLY educated, believe that government intervention is a good thing?

    This may seem extreme and the reason is because to compare you need to compare on the bottom line, i believe to some point there needs to be a little bit of government involvement but the bottom line is i just dropped 45k on taxes last year for what? Someone tell me what i got for my money,....... and i am nothing compared to the big dogs, please lefties tell me how well spent my money was, especially since im on the edge of bankruptcy.

    any lefties out there who wanna argue that?

    you guys support a losing proposition.

    please i would like any leftie right now to teach me how i make better use of my money by including the government!

    come on guys???

    thats what i thought chapter closed.
  4. man


    i am afraid the average conservative IQ and creativity is
    lower. i think it is that simple.
  5. jem


    Funny I always thought conservative who ran large companies were smarter.

    Most liberals turn conservative when they acquire assets and start paying taxes.

    The large majority of liberals over 30 with assets who are not jewish are the ones who derive their livelyhood from being liberal or the arts.

    I am talking about - professors, politicians and media types.

    And I am serious. I have lived in blue state cities, I lived in D.C., I lived in Greenwich, san Diego, and now florida.

    think about liberals who pay taxes. Who are they, some lawyers, some politicians, many professors, some financial guys who were tied in govt jobs and jewish people.

    Think about who lives in big houses in the subburbs. The guys and some women who run businesses. almost all are conservatives, who hate taxes and trial lawyers.
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    Liberals can tell us with great assurance that their science shows it is beyond debate that there is global warming and it is man made. They can then look at life expectancy studies which show life expectancy for homosexuals is twenty to thirty years less than heterosexuals and "cannot conclude that homosexuality is an inferior lifestyle".

    It would certainly appear that their science is just an expression of their politics, and does not have nearly as much to do with science as they would like you to believe.

    I could show you a picture of what happens during a so called partial birth abortion, and then follow with the caption from a "science believing liberal" that concludes they can see no evidence that anything untoward is going on in this procedure.

    So much for objectivity based on evidence. It's all politics.
  7. Police to protect your money from the beggars and thiefs, courts to enforce contracts between you and your free market, border guards to prevent your free market from becoming a free-for-all for mexicans (oh well, Bush is trying to demolish that), military to ensure that your oil contracts are actually worth something, social welfare to feed the poor (and the lazy) just enough so they don't get desparate and storm your mansion in search of food, ...

    Try remove any of the government functions listed above, and your money will be separated from you one way or another. That's how most revolutions are started.

    The conservatives are foolish to think that their money does not need protection. Does anyone here not buy any insurance for his house?
  8. I'm sure you have more money than Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. That's why they're liberals and you're a conservative. Or is it because their IQ's are lower than yours?

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  10. Why thank you for the kind words, Sir! :)
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