Why do billionaires want to make more money?

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  1. why would u want them to stop investing money?
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    An alternative explanation which I heard from someone really intelligent is that its because they are enslaved by money psychologically as a result they need more and more to prove themselves that they are worthy as a person, which made this person said that in capitalism the poor is not being taken advantaged by the rich but actually is the other way around, the rich is being taken advantage of by everyone else since they run the largest shares of GDP and contribute the most to society(in terms of goods, services, jobs) in order to satisfy their mind demons of not being better than everyone else or not successful as their fathers or whatever their inner problems are

    I found it quite thought provoking
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  3. because it doesn't really matters in the end?
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  4. And why would anyone want them to stop creating innovative products and jobs, etc.

    People that are envious are frighteningly weird.

    How many children have been killed just to have their $100 shoes taken? Stealing the shoes wasn't enough. They had to kill and stop them from buying another pair.

    The trend continues.
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  5. Money 101: If you're not making money then you're losing it.
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  6. It is very hard to make you first $1MM

    But it gets easier to make millions once you pass that barrier

    Because you have more time, wisdom, network, health, knowledge everything you want

    So if it gets easier why not do it?
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    Its a game to them, its not about the money, its about the deals. and another big reason, 1billion is not nearly enough, after taxes, bad envirnment, bad economy, lawsuits, you could get chopped in half.

    Now worth 17billion or 20billion,, chances are you will be one for the rest of your life,

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  8. The simple answer would be "because billionaires can make more money". They have the money to invest which earns them more profits. Money earns more money.
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  9. I don't think you understand their motivations. They are not working so they have more money to spend.

    Someone who works not for the enjoyment of their work, but merely to get spending money, is never going to become a billionaire in the first place. To become a billionaire you need to love what you do for a living. Hence, even if they had $1 trillion dollars, they'd still work.

    Money is not valid as the sole reason to work, unless you are struggling to put food on the table and a roof over your head. Once you have got beyond day to day survival, satisfaction is the main reason to choose a career path.
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  10. You're right. It's not about the money. I don't know any billionaires but I do occasionally play golf with a guy that's supposedly worth over $400M.

    Money doesn't matter to him. It's about achievement. He still works 16 hour days. And when we play golf, he's there two hours before everyone else practicing. He's a very driven man.

    He no longer cares about money or power. He has plenty of both. But he wants his company to be bigger, better and eventually the best.

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