Why do analysts publicly post their upgrades /downgrades ?

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  1. It's easy to make unproven assertions, or assertions that rely on a conspiracy theory. This particular assertion is as sensible as saying that "trader" is synonymous with "crook" or that "surgeon" is synonymous with "crook". If you read through ET and other sites on the net there are many examples of traders convicted for defrauding people who entrusted them with money. Should we take this weak anecdotal evidence as proof that all traders are therefore crooks? That would be the logic of the playground - or of the lynch mob - not of objective observers. I'd hope we can rise above that level.

    Alternatively we can follow a time-honoured ET tradition and just sling abuse at each other. :cool:

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  2. SteveD


    This is keeping with that other time honored tradition of bashing CNBC and turing off any news or other information source.

    There sits our young "trader" in his baggy shorts, backwards baseball cap, new issue of Trader Magazine and $5,000 his grandmother gave him opening an account at IB.

    He is totally going to rule the world!!!

    Now he is totally ignorant as to what makes a stock or market move. It must be manipulation from "insiders" who take advantage of the dumb money.

    He thinks all of the financial world does nothing but "day trade", LOL

    He knows nothing of Fair Disclosure rules. He has no business sense and very little common sense.

    Do you really think an institutional investor only hears from one analyst? They want to hear from all of them!!!

    Goldman makes an upgrade. That info goes out to all of their CLIENTS at the same time. Not to the public in general. News sources pick it up and post it Goldman has no responsibility to someone who is not a client.

    Most of their calls and price predictions are based on 12 months out. Their clients are INVESTORS not TRADERS....

    Wise up boys and girls

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