Why do Americans want Bible Thumpers for GOP nomination?

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  1. If Santorum wins, do we really want a Taliban style bible thumping president.

    I though Republican means small government?
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    More accurately, it means small-mindedness.

    Remember, Santorum summarily dismissed evolution and climate change. His motto is "faith, family and freedom." He believes the government is far too intrusive. But he wants the country to run on faith and his own interpretation of family. Talk about intrusive!
  3. Santorum is the worst

    A Bible thumper who would force a 13 year to have a baby if she was raped by her uncle.He's so pro life....but he loves war that kills hundreds of thousands and doesn't give a shit about those who dont have health care and cant afford their medicine
  4. Santorum = Obama's dream candidate.

    There is no way Santorum will win the nod by the GOP. Their purpose, as it should be, is to beat the President at any cost. Santorum just wouldn't have chance these days.

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    The GOP is the party of theocrats, plutocrats and other reptiles. Why be surprised by all their contradictions and nonsense?

    No harm in pointing out their contradictions and nonsense however, so kudos. :)
  6. Yeah, it would be awful to have a president who valued innocent life, didn't put the needs of the abortion lobby paramount and respected religious freedom.

    Thanks goodness we have a radical activist who hates the very foundation of our country and tries daily to undermine it.
  7. Don't forget those human lives wasted in Iraq and other needless wars. Not exactly valuing human life. From your side of the aisle I would guess.

    Santorum is a non-event at this point. Nice enough guy, just too far leaning to be elected in my opinion.

  8. I don't forget the lives lost in needless wars for a second. There should be two tests for us to go to war: one, a formal declaration by the Congress, and two, a vital US interest is involved. I fail to see how nation-building for ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan satisfies either test, nor casual invovlements in places like libya.

    One of the main problems I have with Santorum is he doesn't seem to undertand this.
  9. Good, we agree.

  10. Is that what brought you into the world?
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