Why do 5% of Traders Win?

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  1. everybody seems to be an expert on why 95% of trader lose. Just wondering if there are any experts out there on why 5% of traders win.
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    It's a secret.
  3. you just don't know, LOL !
  4. They trade probabilities ,whilst losers bet red or black and ask questions.
  5. How can you trade the oddz when you don't know the future?
  6. ok, so now we have one experts opinion.

    Rule number 1. Never ask questions (I'll assume the advice to never bet red or black also applies to even or odd)

    So don't ask questions, just bet on a number.

    Do I have that corect? or sorry, I just asked a question, what a loser I am.

    at any rate, winners bet on numbers, not colors

    now we are getting somewhere
  7. if you keep trading like 95% of traders do I'm pretty sure I can tell you your future

    too bad they make me bet on the market and don't let me bet on traders
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    If the market is neutral, like a fair coin toss, then wouldn't you expect 50% to win and 50% to lose? why are the odds so skewed?
  9. Read my threads, then you will know.

    We are different from the rest ..............

    Most important, we never give up, if we truly want something.

    Read my motivation thread in psychology, that is the hearth essence of winners.

    You must want to win, really want it, doesnt matter what it costs...........
  10. I already told you, because 95% are not even traders like you or me. They are just dopes that buy things advertised and beleive everything they read.

    If you really get it down to the 5% like you and me, then yes, that's what I said, I guess the winners vs losers would be 50%. and that changes every year.

    making it to the final table could be luck. Making it there twice is quite an accomplishment.
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