why didn't someone tell me about EuroBund, why the hell am I trading ES

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by kopo, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. kopo


    Euro Bund is as liquid as ES and a whole lot better because of better increments

    trading ES with .25 c increment next to Eurobund is freakin insane
  2. I forgot to tell you on your 1st post, but somehow it didn't seem related.

    Use Google man :)

  3. come back after 100 trades and tell us how much you made

  4. moarla


    why dont go to EUR ?
    best moving market
  5. kopo


    you mean FX EUR, yes I know about that one

    I just didn't know about Euro Bund

    I feel like saying it over and over

    Euro bund

    Euro bund

    Bund Euro
  6. kopo


    you are not smart, you are inviting me to be your competition in EUR :D
  7. from the way you are posting i'd love to invite you to come to the bond market- remember, no traders make more money than the best bond traders. come play with me
  8. Is someone here actually trading it ?
  9. Looks are deceiving. Every once in a while you will get your ass handed to you (out of nowhere). How big you ass is will determine your success.
  10. Where dat?
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