Why didn't Harvey W. run away?

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  1. Pekelo


    So this asshole has just got 23 years, fine. I am just not getting why he didn't run away while defending himself from home and not from jail? He is old, but he is rich. What was his master plan? Was he hoping he would only get 2-3 years? Sure he didn't think he would get acquitted? Even if his money is locked down, his brother is rich too, I am sure he could have got help.

    And there is another trial in CA waiting for him. If I am a rich, aging criminal the hell I am waiting around for the verdict, I am getting in the trunk of a car and drinking margareta in Cabo.

    I am guessing he believed his own hubris and his lawyers, that they can save him. I wouldn't be surprised if he kills himself in prison...
  2. Sig


    He got away with it brazenly for most of his life. Hubris is right on.... there's actually some serious work that's been done that shows people who have been powerful for a long time really do believe they're different.
  3. He thought that because he was who he was he could never get convicted.
  4. Pekelo


    Maybe he has a back up plan with getting the virus.
  5. Maybe he is too old, fat and ugly.