Why didnt Favre win the MVP?

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  1. I can not wrap my head around this, why did Peyton win the MVP over Favre?

    Here are the numbers, Vikings were 8-8 last year, and basically sucked balls even with the best RB in the game, the only position they were clearly struggling in was QB. Favre came to town and the Vikings finished 12-4, to dominate their division.

    Favre's numbers: 4202 Yards
    33 TD 7 INT
    107.2 passer rating

    Colts were 12-4 last year, and finished this season 14-2, they were always an elite team and just continued doing what they do year in and year out.

    Peyton's numbers: 4500 Yards
    33 TD 16 INT
    99.9 Passer rating

    I cant even fathom that Peyton got picked over favre as the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind as to who was more valuable to their team. Favre also kicked Peytons ass in every single statistic except that Peyton beat him by 300 yards. (the equivalent of 20 yards a game.) I would say that the fact that Favre threw 9 less picks (roughly 0.5 per game) More than makes up for the fact that he lost by 20 yards a game to Peyton. In terms of passer rating Favre beat Peyton by 10 points.

    Why the hell didnt Favre win MVP?
  2. Viking were 10-6 last yr for the record.

    I think Peyton won because he had alot of new personnel on offense, and a new coach and no dominant running game (Addai under 900 yds for the season) and still had a fantastic season. I probably would have voted for Favre too, considering he had his best statistical season ever at 40 yrs old.
  3. Didnt look that one up as i thought i knew their record, thx for correcting me.

    I still find it perplexing that Favre recieved one vote, while Peyton recieved 40, especially given the way in which the media fawns over Favre.

  4. That play will go down as one of the most famous plays in NFL history. It reminds me of the toss by Steve Young to Terell Owens back in the playoffs in San Francisco. I am cheering for Favre, for two reasons.

    The first reason is that i love watching athletes play who truly do it for the love of the game, and no one can deny That Favre is like a kid in a candy shop on the field. The second reason is because me and a bunch of buddies do a pool every year to pick the superbowl winner, and my pick this year was the vikes, and Favre.

    Go vikings!!!

  5. Why didn't he win it?

    The Colts were 14-0 ... and could have easily gone 16-0, had they not replaced Manning.
  6. I was born and raised in Minnesota and bled PURPLE from the moment I was born. :cool:


    I think this weekends playoff game with Dallas will be EXCELLENT and whoever can play loose and mistake free football will take the game. Both teams have their strengths and some weaknesses so it will be a BLAST to watch this Sunday! :)
  7. This song is actually a beauty, thx for bringing up an oldy but a goodie, just downloaded it to my IPOD! :D
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