Why Did You Trade Csco?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Wasted_Daytrade, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. I know of only one reason to trade CSCO and that the sweet sweet btrade island and instinet rebates!!!

    But if you have any other clue why you or others trade this god forsaken mess of a Supermontage stock please please please list your reasons

    limit your reasons to three per person:D
  2. 1. I like cheesecake, and I was thinking of SYY.
    2. I like Rice-A-Roni, and Full House is one of my favorite shows.
    3. I like The BeeGees, ABBA, and dancing in platform shoes under colored strobe lights.
  3. you got me on the third reason :D
  4. Hooked-on-phonics changed my life
  5. Wasted,
    nice job!
    good info especially on the tape reading

  6. Boomer


    why would you not trade csco? look at a 1 year, or a 6 month chart. it is so predictable. granted, it is not safe to be in around earnings, because they tend to jump one way or the other. csco can be traded based soley on simple support and resistance lines. also, it is always one of the most liquid stocks. plenty of volatility. i love this stock, and i love trading it. have fun with it.
  7. 1. CSCO is one of the most "efficient" stocks you can trade if your going to be on the 4 letter ticker symbol parade.

    2. Moves in such a direct correlation to the overall bigger picture of the day -- i.e. Nasdaq index, futures, etc.

    3. Tightest spreads around on both the underlying stock and options.
  8. Trajan


    A lot of option volume.
  9. 3 reasons man 3 reasons!!!

    :D :D
  10. ok are you a rebate trader? or do you actually buy 20K shares of csco and hold it for its "predictable move'?

    wait csco = predictable? how so? have you ever seen the box on that stock the only bids and offers I see are inside ones hahaha

    if csco is predictable then the market is predictable?

    ok now that I have debunked your claims, basically you cant day trade csco unless you have 20million BP un less you are doing it for the rebates!!! mmm sweet sweet rebates yum yum yum

    rebates should be illegal, its the reason that stock does so much volume, dont get me wrong I have made lots of money in csco but I was lucky I just put my nuts to the wall and let the shit hit the fan, if it didnt go my way well i wasnt going to unload 30K shares hehehe

    you are nuts if you dont trade csco for the sweet sweet rebates
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