Why did you lie about Johnny, tntneo???

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by smitty, Jun 19, 2003.

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  1. smitty


    Why did you censor Johnny, and why did you lie afterwards about not blocking his account?

    Your credibility is on the line, so please answer truthfully.
  2. And how much credibility do you have with five posts and one hour here under your belt?
  3. smitty


    And I think all of ET is entitled to an answer.

    I didn't run Johnny away by censoring him. I didn't lie about blocking his account.

    What does the censoring/lying/cover-up have to do with me?

    I would like to know why HE did it.

    Or is he so superior that he doesn't have to answer. He's establishment, right?

    Just answer the question tntneo...
  4. JT47319


    Take this to chit chat.
  5. yeh, seriously.

    as i see it there are two types on ET, those who can share ideas without insulting anybody, and those who can't. (and i had nothing to do with this fiasco).

    I'm sick of wading through this kind of bs. this board is about trading, not stupid vendettas. yahoo is waiting for all this type of crap with open arms.
  6. ok, you wanna talk about trading only .. where's your trading system? where is it posted?
  7. is bearing all a requirement to participate in this community? i wasn't aware. the last thing i'm going to do here is give my best ideas away in public -- but i give back what i can, when i can, usually via pm.

    my last contribution was the 'visually impaired trader' thread. there's nothing profound about it, but a few people i've been talking to through pm's got something out of it.
  8. gms


    Hey, maybe they should make a "rude insult obnoxious post permitted here" or some such category so anyone who wants to post a thread under that group can and those that don't want to come across that in their reading can stay away?
  9. smitty


    the question is for tntneo, and we are waiting for your answer.

    Or are you too good to respond?
  10. gwnorth


    good idea gms and maybe a link to Dr. Phils hot line if not he's on sometime after market close just look in your local listings
    #10     Jun 19, 2003
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