Why did you delete the "WHY ISRAEL IS AFTER ME" thread modorator??

Discussion in 'Politics' started by WAEL012000, May 13, 2007.

  1. What the hell? Why was the thread deleted? what violation was in such thread??
  2. "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." Animal Farm, George Orwell
  3. I am shocked ratboy! What the hell?! What kind of pressure is Elite Trader going under?!

    Baron or Joe...Why did you delete the thread?
  4. infooo


    did it ever occur to you that Baron might be jewish

    don't you know where ET servers are located

    I do
  5. infooo


    Mom0/pH0x......... hear me

    first of all what kind of man would select that kind of nick name is beyond me


    yes that israel thread could be Bullshit I didn't even read through it


    if you don't know that Israel has a huge impact on the way US does international diplomacy or lack there of.

    then you are not informed

    there is conspiracy, and then there is reality.
  6. You are still insisting on backing your baseless argument.

    Israel makes exceptions to that rule. Treason, ACCORDING TO ISRAEL, is one of them.

    But that is beside the issue! If I was wrong or if the article was "a crock of shit" then face me and expose the article for what it is.

    I still do not know what compelled Baron or Joe to delete it.
  7. LOL, Wael, maybe you'd exceeded your quota on words like Zionist-Fascist-Criminal etc in that thread. No one likes your anti-semitic rhetoric.

    You actually should be happy the thread was deleted, every statement you made in that thread was shown to be a lie - from death penalty in Israel to your bogus claim that the Palestinians built Gulf States. While your posts and your claims are always pathetic and absurd, the claims you made in that particular thread were more pathetic, more absurd and more illogical than ever.:p

    PS As I said in that thread Israel has never in its history used death penalty, not even for convicted terrorists with jewish blood on their hands. Why do you keep embarrassing yourself? Please stop confusing Israel with your ilk and the Israeli legal system with your ilk's extra-judicial executions that you in fact approved.
  8. First, I am not a PC zealot, although I much prefer rational and substantive discourse to juvenile, ad hominem attacks.

    If one can't debate the issue effectively and persuasively, to the degree that you feel compelled to attack the debater (or attack a whole group of people), maybe one shouldn't be engaged in the debate, and should be seeking more education and information.

    Although I am not a PC zealot, there are a few epithets that are so vile, and more importantly, useless (they add nothing of substance to the debate at all, and only stoke emotions, and actually detract from any substantive debate), that they just have no place in discussion in any mature, adult discussion.

    Epithets such as:



    (I know I've missed many - it is just a demonstrative list)

    ...simply shouldn't add nothing but emotional flames to any debate..

    ...and make these forums a worse place when there are people who have such little substance behind what they are arguing that they grasp to such personal attacks...

    ...and create more work for the mods.

    Maybe the thread in question was deleted because some individuals resorted to such sad behavior, and maybe they can find it in themselves to be more articulate, rational and substantive when making their points in the future.

    I know it's a lot to hope for, but who knows....anything is possible, even if it's not probable.

    *The fact that anyone even brought up Baron's ethnicity highlights my point. It's a very, very sad commentary on the state of public debate in America today.

    Thanks, Baron, for running a great site, no matter what your race, religion or ethnicity.
  9. i had some posts deleted several months ago because they were offensive.... i guess they were offensive to the wrong (right) people. basically as was stated to me back then... it is Baron's site and he will do what he wants.
  10. What a low lifer, back stabbing zionist!

    You waited for the thresd to be deleted before you came claiming that everything in it was shown to be a lie.

    While you waited for threads, that threaten your zionist lies and confornt you for your crimes, to be deleted before you come back claiming that they were lies, you were exposed by, not only me, but many of this forum's member for who you are. Youir idalogy and crimes were also exposed. The bases of your iligal state was exposed. That is why, you went like bitches crying to your big daddy to stop this Palestinian boy.

    I rest my case dddooo. The forum is yours, Sam321 and Tigger to spread your lies.

    I got the message guys!

    Have fun Baron and Joe.
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