Why did trump focus on the birther issue?

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  1. With so many real concerns and legitimate issues why did he tie his campaign on to this Birther issue?

    he could have been a contender if he stuck to real issues so why did he get on this fringe topic?
  2. he was trying to reach a certian group. it worked well for a while:

    More Than Half of GOP Voters Still Doubt Obama Born in U.S.
    Just how big of a role will the ‘birthers’ play in the Republican primary?
  3. You know we go out of our way to include everyone in the democratic process, not only in voting but in all aspects of American life.

    Mainstreaming inclusion, no matter what the cost, everyone is equal, the handicaps, the retards, illegal immigrants, every race, religion, etc but when you mention birthers, somehow they are not citizens, their vote isn't worthy, their viewpoint isn't valid and this goes for Obama, our supposed leader, believing birthers are crackpots.

    Trump probably ran into a few wealthy closet birthers, enough to pique his curiosity, so he threw it out there. Good for him.
  4. But wont it make sense to target a wider audience. Things like the economy, trade imbalance with china etc.. Affects everyone.
  5. he has no appeal to a larger audience. thinking people know he is a loudmouth fraud.
    just look at all the free tv time he got on fox news by parroting their line.
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    Trump's "campaign" was a publicity stunt. He was trying to drum up interest for Celebrity Apprentice and perhaps to pressure NBC into renewing the show for one more season. Latching onto the birther issue was easy and cost-free (unless you believe he actually sent "a team of crack investigators" to Hawaii to get the LFBC :D). He had about as much intention of actually running for President as he had of financing the next US space mission.