why did the ticker CME go up so much so fast?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by NYC212, Mar 23, 2009.

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    I cannot figure it out. Yes I know the market went way up but cannot figure why CME went though the roof today. Any info on way this stock moved so much and what are the main factors that push it around?

  2. Study long cycle, emerging franchise businesses that are well run. The pipeline is full of products and the one laggard, interest rate contracts are poised to explode in volume. Bull or bear cme will outperform from $200. $440-450 by years end.
  3. My best guess would be the momentum behind their CDS clearing...perhaps they wrangled up a few significant players.


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    Thank you for the answer
  5. Similar to reason to BuyYourFreedom's post...

    "CME Group (CME) popped 15%. The Chicago-based clearinghouse was recently approved for guaranteeing credit-default swaps and could experience a volume increase on government bailout plans. - Huge bull tapes are usually pretty good for stocks that are exchange related, says Karen Finerman."

    - On high volume too.

  6. BTW all the exchanges had significant gains:

    NYSE (NYX): 13 %
    NASDAQ (NDAQ): 13%