Why did Romney lose?

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  1. Personally, I'm not interested in a post mortem.

    Obama made the eight on the break. Did romney do something wrong? Did Obama do something right? Someone is going to lose the coin toss and to attribute Obama's "skill set" pfffttttt.. ya ain't selling me that line of crap. Telling me Romney's lack of whatever voter dissnchantment is some flaw. Don't buy that either.

    The story of Obama is like the super investors of doddsville and the coin toss.
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    I suspect the rep party will not be so lackadaisical. They want to win, you see.
  3. I think Romney took the wrong tack. (I also have considered that he did so on purpose... never had any intention of winning.. just wanted to make it look good so that we sheeple wouldn't suspect the REAL conspiracy...)

    He and Ryan wanted to talk about "the plan to fix us". Unfortunately, that involves some pain somewhere and nobody is interested in that. (To have a chance to fix us, he needed to get elected first.. THEN work on the uncomfortable stuff.)

    Romney should have ATTACKED Odumbo's policies... both financial and foreign... how they were hurting America and what that would mean to us in the long run. Plus, highlight of his incompetence. THAT was the only way... to convince enough of the greedy that Odumbo was BAD for them... no easy task when the ignorant and greedy can vote for "something for nothing".

  4. Most of what's posted here ( and out there) refarding Romney's loss is written by Dems.
  5. Ostentatiousness and showing contempt for nearly half the people in the country may have had something to do with it.:D
  6. US voted for the welfare state to not only continue, but accelerate Too bad it will be ending when the bond market implodes like Greece and Spain. How much longer can it be propped up? I read foolish comments made on ET and elsewhere cheering the welfare state on........totally clueless.
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    It's a demographically different place now.
    Welcome to NUSA.
  9. Yup!

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    But it's OK for you and your ilk to show contempt for the other half? The productive tax payer half?
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