Why did Romney hire a Gay guy only to fire him later?

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    The article itself says only a few blog posts objected to a gay man on the Romney campaign.

    The real reason may be that Romney wants to go after Obama for his extramarital affair with Larry Sinclair in 1999, and doesn't want a gay man around at that time.
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    as a neo con... frum's judgment is suspect at all times.
    Although he is sometimes correct.
    Apparently in the Bush White House, he supporter Roberts and opposed Miers.
  3. They knew he was gay and told him it wasn't a problem. Some of the family values people went ballistic. At the same time it came out that he had made a bunch of snarky twitter posts about women, as I recall. Obviously, the staff vetting had been insufficient. I believe he voluntarily withdrew.

    This is a tricky area for a republican. I think they can appoint gays, but not ones that have been actively promoting the gay agenda or lifestyle or who have been demonizing other parts of the republican coalition. Some people will still object to giving a prominent position to a gay, but that ship seems to have sailed.
  4. I hope they do.He should throw in the birth certificate issue as well.Romneys entire campaign should be based on Obama's gay affair and his birth certificate
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  6. And that he is a secret Muslim, for God's ( not the Mormon one) sake, please do not forget he is a secret Muslim!!!!
  7. and how he ate dog meat.
  8. when he was like 12!!!! OMG:D
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    Max E.

    I am less concerned with the fact he ate dog meat, and more concerned with the fact he IS dog shit.

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