why did QQQQ just change to QQQ?

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  1. I thought the stock market was broken this morning when none of my charts would open.

    Yahoo finance needs to merge their old QQQQ charts with QQQ so we can get more than 1 day's worth of data, too.

    freestockcharts.com already did this, because they are awesome.
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    yahoo finance is messed up big time lately..dunno if they purposely doing this..
    industry browser-


    use to be US markets only,nasdaq and nyse listed stocks. now they put all the shit from all over the world together..why? i have no idea..does it make any sense for one,who trying to look into particular industry in US? probably not..
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    It appears it moved from the Nasdaq back to the Amex, so the symbol had to meet naming requirements for Amex.
  4. Does that mean anything to us as traders?

    I bought some QQQQ the other day. Will there be any weird crap at tax time after I sell it as QQQ?
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    some other day? when was it? 2000? QQQ ticker changed at least 5 years ago. tickers do change all the time. 10's each month. no problem
  6. No, they will replace qqq with the qqqq on the paper work.
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  8. Should post no problem. Happens all the time. e.g. when a company is late on their 10K filing their symbol will be changed from WXYZ to WXYZQ. And then back when they are cleared. Good luck with mergers and buyouts.... :)

    Just save your correspondences about the symbol changes in the event of an audit. But I really think IRS wouldn't give a hoot.
  9. No dude like a week ago when I bought some it was QQQQ.
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