Why did Paul Tudor Jones fight so hard to suppress this video?

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    I have two theories.

    1. He didn't want his institutional investors knowing he's into technical analysis, especially stuff like Elliot Waves. TA has a bad reputation among institutional investors like pension funds, etc. This could result in reduced inflows to his hedge fund.

    2. He revealed some edges in the video that he didn't want out.

    I'm edging towards #1. What do you think?

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    People think it's #2......
  3. SteveM


    PTJ forecasted the 1987 crash correctly, but he was incorrect in his forecast about what would happen next. At 53:00 in the video, he speaks about "a decade of pain" following the crash, and that never came. His belief was that everyone was going to be forced to deleverage following the crash and "get their economic houses in order." That never came, people just went into overdrive with more debt, money printing, etc.

    As a macro trader, perhaps he doesn't want potential investors seeing how he missed that part
  4. I think neither.

    Once he made a name for himself and began accumulating AUM after the crash, he likely saw no upside in this video being out there, and perhaps saw the publicity as a potential negative given most HF managers in those days wanted to fly under the radar.

    If someone thinks there is anything that could be construed as an edge in the video (even in 1987) I would be interested to know.

    Also, drinking beer in the middle of the night while trading DEM is probably not a great PR move, although I would probably have done the same thing.
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    I'd lean towards #1. He probably doesn't like how he looks/talks/etc in it and would rather people not see it. It's a good watch though. I enjoyed it.
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    The fact that he uses technical analysis was never a secret: just read market wizards and you know he is big into Elliot Wave.
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    Tony Robbins said PTJ lost money for four years after the 1987 hit. Interesting!
  8. #3- He wants future traders in the world to go through the endless trials and mistakes he endured when he was starting out to realize the secrets of the market. It's a self discovery of process if someone is very passionate about becoming a trader.

    He doesn't just want to give his method away or everyone to start mimicking his method of analysis.

    But in the end, that video is priceless for me. It lit the fire in me, that it is possible. It also made me breath a sigh of relief that "TA" could work and I'm not being an idiot by disregarding all the fundamental finance courses I took in uni.
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    I seriously doubt he cares about other traders knowing about his T.A., after all what he is using has been in T.A. books from the 30's.

    Only other experienced traders get the intense psychological battles we face with ourselves, I bet he wants to keep this from his clients that will not understand.

    This article uncovers reasons why PTJ may hate his film.

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    The reason might be because at 16:54 is that a can of beer he drinking?
    If it was, not the best image for his clients to see, to be making trading decisions with their money while doing that.
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