Why did Obama have to trash the beautiful economy and massive surplus Dubya left him?

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  1. That bastard!!!

  2. So, why have no far right wing zealots bothered to respond to an obviously antagonistic thread title that clearly mocks their central claim of late that the continued fall in equity markets and deterioration of economic conditions is attributable to President Obama?

    Probably because it's laughable to think that Obama, serving as POTUS for 43 days now, has anything to do with the above?
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    Any links to posts claiming Obama trashed economy?
  4. Let me help you out here, since logic and facts have never been your strong point. On Feb 10, Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner testified before Congress. When it finally became apparent that he had no plan, the market sold off 40 handles that day. We then fell about 200 handles over about 2 weeks, while no plan emerged, and while Nobama conducted an attack against the wealthy, Wall Street, and capital.

    All in just 43 days.

  5. You mean there wasn't a trend already in place.

    Damn, what a reversal of fortune, huh?

    I remember when the Dow was at 14,500+ a short while ago.

    Damn you Obama!!!

    (Wait, you're the guy who said Cramer never said Bear Stearns was fine, choosing to claim he only meant to say depositor's money was fine, before BSC failed days later - I guess facts and logic aren't your strong suit)
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    He doesnt have anything to do with what he walked into, but he has a whole hell of a lot to do with what he is creating.

    I, for one, am getting sick of his bitching and whining about the "problems he inherited"...well too fucking bad. Your the president now, you wanted the damn job. Shut up, step to the plate and start coming through with something, anything, that will actually be good for America.
  7. You are a technical trader and a good one.

    There have been several strong support areas that would have held naturally with some good fundamental news. This trend has continued due to negative fundamentals mostly having to do with Obama policies to take effect over the next several years.
  8. Of course there was a trend in place. Frankly, if you understood the price discovery function of the markets, you'd know that price discounts the future. And we were well on our way to discounting the future with Nobama. It didn't take much to realize what was coming and to just say sell. You did do that didn't you? LOL!

    But I didn't go into that. All I mentioned was Feb 10. If you were watching the hearings (I was), the market fell completely apart as Geithner commenced to say absolutely nothing in his testimony. You do remember don't you? Hard to attribute that to GWB.

    As to Cramer, what was clear was that you did not rely on the facts. And that has been true on virtually every post I've ever read of yours.

    But why don't you just address Feb 10. and the subsequent few days that took us down 200 handles.

    Better yet, why don't you get into specifically what policy Nobama has put into place that is going to turn this market. We do know he has attacked capital. He is raising marginal tax rates. Exactly opposite of the Reagan years which set off an 18 year bull market. You ready for the next 2 decades of the Nobama bear market? LOL.


  9. This was on the same page and is pretty funny:

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