Why did Jesus REALLY die?

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  1. Some say he died for our sins but that is the brainchild of the church and was created as a clever answer to the would be converered pagans by Constantine the "Great". Some maintain that Jesus is the only begotten Son as it is quoted in the Bible (a book that sadly still read literarily by some...)
    "The only begotten Son" bible reference is very misleading and for the most part false.
    The fact is; Jesus was, at his time on the highest elevation possible, ALL DUE TO HIS OWN DOING, by the way. He was the highest soul in his day, and for the most part he taught (get this people!) that we can all do the same, and we all contain the slice of divine, the godhead - only we should realize and use this....
    This was obviously a threat to the establishment, especially to priesthood of his day, and all priests who came after, for hundreds of years. This was the main reason he was killed on drummed up charges. Imagine the threat to the established hierarchy to say you are all irrelevant, frauds. "People can get to god's consciousness or get at least close if you just follow my example" This was Jesus' message and indeed before him and after Jesus OTHERS have done similarly.
  2. There is no way to know with any degree of certainty WHY Jesus died, because the primary source documents from this period offer next to nothing.

    The Gospels were written decades after the event, and the accounts of Jesus' last days found in those books vary. Judea was small potatoes to Tiberius, so it is not as if the Roman officials cared enough to keep careful records.
  3. well the word of mouth records indicate that he irritated the local priesthood who proclaimed certain exclusive rights to "understanding" God, on the other hand their had no rights to put a man to death only the Roman's did. At any rate he was bigger threat to the religious establishment that anything else, and that is the precise reason his message and deeds were altered and corrupted by the Roman Catholics and the rest of the bafoons (evangelicals etc)
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    Assuming there was a Biblical Jesus, and he was crucified by the Romans, he would have likely died from bleeding, shock, and suffocation, possibly aided by sunstroke. I read somewhere that even though the Romans kept meticulous records of executions, no Roman record has been found of the Biblical crucifixion. If this is true, we should allow for the possibility that the crucifixion was actually a crucifiction. :D
  5. What if Jesus was stoned to death instead of by cross.

    Would the symbol of the church be a rock instead of a cross.
  6. Some say there was a historical Jesus who actually lived about 100 years before the Biblical story took place.
    At any rate "the Christ" is not a person but a principle - an "anointing", even in Greek it’s the Christos that means the "anointed".
    There were several figures in the antiquities whose lives run quite a parallel with the historical Jesus, this by the way no means alters or invalidates my original post.
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    "If Jesus had been killed 20 years ago, Catholic school children would be wearing little Electric Chairs around their necks instead of crosses"
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