why did island change there short rules?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by joeyata1, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. i enver knew island ever shorted on downticks like arca. it seens they changed there routing now. exactly what have they done and why?
  2. The big money wants to keep us from getting short on a downtick. Pretty ridiculous that MM's can crush bids all day, but individual tradres are not allowed.

    Big money always gets their way.
  3. but longhorn you can sdhort on arca when things fall. its a scam becasue whent he happens they bounce them fast
  4. I know you can still short on ARCA.....but will ARCX still route to ISLD on a downtick?

    If not, then it will definitely be harder to get short when a stock is falling.
  5. ig0r


    Get your 55 and apply to be a nasdaq market maker. Oh, you do know that you have to make a market in the stock, all day, every day, no matter what, right?

  6. Where have you been ? Whenever I was trading stocks, I always banged the ask on island even when it was a clear downtick and rarely ever had a problem getting short.
  7. i always shorted on arca as it's the only proactive echange which means it reroutes. when i short on downticks i always do markets as its stupid to bang limits as you could miss a flyer falling fast. none of the brokers i used had island market keys so i never used