"Why did I spend $85,000 to support Ron Paul ?"

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  2. That entire piece is brimming with appeals to emotion, logical fallacy and contradictions.

    The answer to the rhetorical question in the intro to the piece says it all:

    "Because I care about my family and your family."

    A Libertarian claiming to care about the families of others, what a crock.

    Libertarians are by nature unconcerned about anything but their own interests, not the interests of others.
  3. Well once again you are lost of the subject of libertarianism. Self interest is based in objectivism. Libertarians believe in personal freedom and economic freedom to do as you wish as long as it doesn't impact the freedom of another.
  4. Yes, Libertarians believe in personal freedom and the economic freedom to make as much as they want at the expense of others if necessary, not necessarily in actual freedom for others or any real concept of "the common good."

    It is not a coincidence in any manner that the self absorbed objectivists are so enamored with Paul...

    They would vote for an ax murderer if it meant they could make more money and pay less taxes.

    The atheist Randites conveniently ignore Paul's position on the right to choose for a woman what happens within her own body, or Paul's Christian center.

  5. Ron Paul said he wants to get rid of Roe v Wade and let the states decide. He is personally against abortions yet he doesn't want it to be a federal issue. I'm pro-life but I don't care what someone else does with their body. He is against abortion, his position is that it is a states issue.

    I don't understand why you have such a hard-on for hating Ron Paul.
  6. Look, let's be real. He opposes on the foundation of his religious beliefs, and when it comes to abortion he thinks it is murder. He has not really talked about the issue directly, just that he really doesn't want to talk about it by saying he thinks it is not a federal issue.

    So the bottom line is that he wants murder not to be a federal issue?

    Too funny.

    I have no problem with Paul, I think we need different points of view and there is value in his campaign as I see it to address different points of view.

    But in relationship to where we actually are, a guy like Paul if elected would be more ineffective than Carter.

    I find his supporters are the worst thing you can say about Paul. Hard to find a reasonable supporter who's tongue is not perpetually stained with the RP kool-aid...

  7. And the right answer is: A fool and his money are soon parted.
  8. That actually means you're pro-choice. :D

    Oh and btw, Ron Paul believes in freedom so he wants to overturn Roe v Wade and provide all 50 states with the opportunity to deprive women of their freedom to choose. And that's OK with freedom-loving you, right?
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    Might that not also give all 50 states the opportunity to reaffirm a woman's right to choose?
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