Why Did Goldman Sachs Stock Rebound To New Highs

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by myminitrading, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. I wonder how the stock was able to recover all its losses from Aug.

    None of the other broker even recovered half of their stock losses.

    This seems rather odd.
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    cause GS can't lose, until they do. They made money (although it was because they were guessing the value of their earnings since there is no market for them wow) when everyone else blew up
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    The street finally realized who the best and brightest were.

    Seriously, there's some question as to how GS valued some of those incredible gains. Apparently those gains have yet to be booked. I don't suspect GS cooked the books too much.

    What I don't understand is why everyone thought BSC was such a bargain when it dumped 40% from its high? If you were paying attention, BSC took both LEH/GS down as well. Both were also off 40% from their highs. GS was a screaming buy. Even LEH was a better candidate for takeover at the time.
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    Do you really believe we live in a free market society ?

    USA is no better then any other corrupt country.
  7. Are you saying just because Goldmans X big shots now reside in Washington that this country and its political system can be bought?

    Are you saying this FREE MARKET is rigged so only a few with inside knowledge win risk free?
  8. Of all investment banks GS had least exposure to subprimes and other problems
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    Thats not true. In fact, they were betting against a lot of those positions (which is how they made all their money)
  10. You're just NOW catching on?
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