Why did God......

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  1. put the tree of life in the garden if he knew that Eve would eat the fruit???

    Is this not setting your children up for failure?

    Had this debate with a friend of mine.

    I told him the either the god of the bible is insane, or the story is wrong.

    If God is all knowing, he set his children up to fail.

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    It is interesting, I have a different perspective. While walking to get my dry cleaning, I saw an old cardboard stuck to a window to one of those Yoga exercise places, with the following words written on it:

    "If you knew you could not fail, what would you attempt?"

    That story in the bible is the most profound all of imo. The little blurb above will resonate it so, as it did me. It is at the core of all human psychology, imo.
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    ….most everything!
    As you can see, I have a different perspective again.

    Imo (I think you'll find it's described the tree of knowledge ) it is not a good story at all. All knowing God knows Adam and Eve have no knowledge. They cannot know it is wrong to disobey. So God allows them to be tricked , then blames them and all humanity forever for something they could not have any knowledge of.
    According to the myth it was only when they ate the forbidden fruit did they know it was wrong .
    Nasty God Con.
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    i see, i see... like the SCT method, that you so eloquently discuss here on ET?

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    How about this:

    If God is our father/mother/creator and made humans in his image.

    Between people of different faiths, or indeed between people of the same faith, the term omnipotent has been used to describe god.

    Now assume a mother and father in our own lives. If we make mistakes in life do good parents not accept some responsibility for our bad ways. We often hear 'we failed as parents' - obviously because nurture is a major factor in a human beings development.

    If this is the case then would God or our creator often defined as our father/mother not also accept responsibility for the short comings of humanity.

    Therefore, would this God not accept that he failed when he created humans with all our insecurities and frailties.

    Now it follows that if this is also true then how can God make such errors when simply creating mankind and not make an equal proportionate amount of errors when creating the universe.

    Would it not then follow then the universe should be purely chaotic without any order whatsoever.

    I simply cannot fathom a God which has created mankind and then decides to punish us for our errors.

    If a God was omnipotent why would he not create humans as perfect beings?

    Why create us with frailties?

    Why blame himself for his errors then decide to punish his creation?

    Now we have learnt that not only does God get angry (obviously anger is a trait commonly associated with human frailty) but also instead of turning the other cheek will take his vengeance out on his own creation. He is our father/mother and has failed with many of us, yet he decides to punish us instead of simply creating perfect species in the first place.

    It makes no sense whatsoever, a true rational human can not believe in God, particularly a God which is assumed by most religions.

    I really do pity any rational educated human being which needs God or religion to give meaning to their life. I truly believe if you are a man of science and have an interest or decent understanding of physics and the universe then a single God and particularly religion is a pathetic human creation built from our own lack of understanding and fear.
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    "oneness" with Jack Hershey.....
    makes one shudder.:p
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    the bible = shit

    everyone on earth is bound to gravity

    97% of our dna is junk dna, scientists found out that these non coded fragments are extraterrestrial in origin
    , we are probably the result of a civilization seeding planets with life our DNA structure is a blueprint of the most advanced computer if you would compare it to todays technology you compare a rock to a microchip, we are the ants near the highway of advanced civilizations
  8. if god is all powerful and all knowing then every evil thing that happens has his blessing according to his plan. that means god knew 911 was going to happen and one could say wanted it to happen.
    that makes osama a servent of god and why does not george bush go after the leader of the 911 attack, god?
    it is the same as the judas betrayal story in the bible. was judas a villian or a good servant of god?
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    Unless a godbeing of some sort, some ultimate consciousness, exists (validating the specialness of consciousness), then 'human consciousness' is mostly just a side effect of an unusual adaptation of the cerebral cortex.

    A god with a long flowing white beard soothes a fragile human ego, in the face of the awesome unknowable universe and humankind's relatively insignificant place in it. Idealizing human consciousness is really no different. Ants do quite well without much at all, and rocks aren't complaining for lack of any. Why is consciousness so special?

    Consciousness doesn't come from nothing... it exists within life, within matter and time, our known universe, and developed over time, just like any other complex physical process. It evolved. (quoted from somewhere on net)

    I personally view human beings as advanced computers a previous poster mentioned. I have some understanding on how computer processors are built and operate and the analogous to human mind is strikingly similar - just has very different properties.

    Eventually artificial life will be created by human beings which will surpass even our own minds.

    I believe that life has no real meaning apart from the one we as humans have created. This does not make me sad at all as i simply believe in enjoying my time on this earth and try to enjoy every moment of it (or whatever makes my brain release hormones which make me happy).

    We are all linked and everything in this universe is all linked - we all originate from the same matter and that makes it pretty kool knowing that not only is my body made from the same building blocks of the cosmos and exploding stars but that ultimately we and everything in the universe were all one at one point in time.

    I also believe trying to understand a creator to the universe is futile as most likely their are infinite amount of universes which have been inflating and deflating only to repeat the cycle again and again for infinite amount of time.

    What i don't need is some dumb human being telling me to be sorry for my sins and that God will punish me and send me to hell. Society and our own morality tells us what is right and wrong but ultimately it is society what defines this, i do not need to be brainwashed or believe in religion, if others do then like i said before - i really do pity you.

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