Why did GE just spike at from 14:56?

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  1. It just jumped fast with lots of volume during that time? Did anyone announce something new?

    The only odd thing I have noticed is that the Open interest for the 17.5 March calls have been growing the last few days which seem to make no sense.
  2. im long and its gonna close at hte highs? possible imblaance buy on end?
  3. Id say its prob so. I think itll drop back. Maybe short. Dont take my advice though I have no clue what Im doing.
  4. Someone just made an 800% return on the 17.5 calls calls that were trading for 3 pennies a few hours ago.


    IV 35.10

    That is the ultimate casino play.

    Whoever was too cheap to close out those short 17.5 calls trying to grab the last few pennies probably shit their pants today.

    Open interest 146,490 contracts volume 98,299 contracts traded!

    Rumors floating around about GE Consumer credit being sold.
  5. Looks like 17 is the new support for GE.
  6. where are you hearing the rumors?
  7. this thing is going higher still.
  8. Make that $18
  9. heh, Glad I loaded up on GE when it was trading in the single digits :)

    Now it seems no one can have enough at 18. Look at the volume today, it was 228,278,159

    Still the ramp up is a bit much though. I mean no one wanted it in the mid 15s a few weeks ago.
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